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Driving Hours

VOSA / E U 01/04/2007

It is important that drivers log all work and this will count on to a 6 day working week. Drivers cannot work any more than 6 days without taking a weekly rest.

Weekly Rest

The weekly rest is 45 hours after 6 days or 6 shifts which ever comes sooner, if drivers work 4 days and take 45 hours the working week starts again. Weekly rest may be reduced to 24 hours away from base but must be compensated for within the next 3 working weeks and this can be done as follows:

Weekly rest of 36 hours then the next week drives take 11 hours daily rest plus 9 hours to compensate the weekly rest, making the break from duty 20 hours. We can also make up weekly rest by adding hours on to the end of daily rest, 11 hours rest plus no less than 3 hours as we can not take two reduced weekly breaks next to each other.

For example 

Correct - Week One - 45 hrs, Week Two - 36 hrs + 9 hrs comp = 45 hrs, Week Three - 45 hrs

Wrong - Week One - 45 hrs, Week Two - 36 hrs + 9 hrs comp = 45 hrs, Week Three - 36 hrs + 9 hrs comp = 45 hrs

10 hour Day

Drivers may drive 10 hours in one day once in the 6 day working week, I.E: 4.5hrs + 45mins + 4.5hrs + 45mins + 0.5hrs = 10 hours.

Daily Breaks

Drivers can drive for 4.5 hours and after this they must take a 45 minute break, this can be split (take 30 minute part first) I.E: 2hrs driving, 30 minutes break, 2hrs driving, 15 minute break = 4.5hrs. Drivers must not exceed the 4.5 hours, at the end of your duty you must take an 11 hour break which can be reduced to 9 hours three times a week.

Spread Over

Drivers can work 15 hours a day driving for 9 hours in the format of 4.5 hours then a 45 min break. Once a week this can be extended to 10 hours driving according to the notes above. Drivers may also do one 16 hour spread in the working week but must take at least one 3 hour break from duty.