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Splitter Buses

Splitter buses for the music industry. We have a range of splitter buses which are ideal for touring or one off shows.

We have an experienced team of drivers that have worked on a wide range of tours throughout the UK and Europe. When hiring a splitter bus from us you can be assured of receiving a first class service, from making your first enquiry to travelling with us.

Each splitter bus is fitted with a range of luxuries to make your travelling as stress free as possible. Every vehicle is fitted with a passenger entertainment system and air conditioning as standard.

We have customised our splitter buses over the years to meet tour manager’s requests. If you need a splitter bus with a bed or some extra space please contact us to discuss your requirements.

For more information on splitter bus for a tour please contact the office on 020 7118 1140 or use the instant quote form.

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